Video management software makes surveillance intuitive

Data management of your video surveillance using VMS software

With the ABUS VMS professional video management software, you can monitor, control, and manage the video data of your cameras using a user interface that is easy to understand and operate. It allows you to integrate all video sources into a seamless security system.

ABUS video management software: convenient operation for your video surveillance

A one-stop integral solution: The ABUS VMS professional video management software allows you to monitor, operate and manage the video data from your cameras. The user interface makes it easy to comprehend and even easier to operate.

Four advantages:

  • Uniform software interface for all recording solutions
    (network cameras, PCIe cards, HDVR recorder)
  • Innovative functionalities allow the user interface to be set up quickly (preview bar with drag&drop, favorites)
  • E-map function for localizing events quickly
  • Display on up to 4 monitors
ABUS Video management software