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قفل های آویز با تنوع بالا

قابلیت های یک قفل آویز با توجه به مورد استفاده آن متغیر است. برای نمونه قفل های آویز آبوس سری گرانیت در برابر وارد آوردن فشار تا ۱۰ تن مقاومت می نمایند.

ارائه خدمات سطح بالا 

آبوس برای اکثر قفل های آویز خود سطحی بالا از خدمات را ارائه می دهد. برای نمونه یک کلید کردن قفل های مختلف (باز کردن تمامی قفل ها با یک کلید) حتی سال ها بعد از خرید قابل سفارش می باشد. قفل های رنگی با قابلیت حکاکی متن و تصویر بر روی قفل ها و قفل های سری ECOLUTION™ که با محیط زیست سازگار می باشند، دامنه متنوع قفل های آویز آبوس را کامل می کنند. حفاظت و تنوع بالا از سال ۱۹۲۴ میلادی.

ارائه راه حل حفاظتی مناسب

برای تمامی خواسته های شما از یک قفل آویز - آبوس راه حل حفاظتی مناسب با آن را ارائه خواهد نمود! دامنه متنوع قفل های آویز ما را کشف کنید. از قفل محکم گرانیت برای پاسخ به بالاترین نیازهای حفاظتی و قفل گرد کلاسیک ۳۶۰ درجه ای Diskus® تا مدل های برنجی و آلومینیومی و راه حل های ویژه مانند جعبه کلید KeyGarage™.



Aluminium padlocks
ABUS aluminium padlocks are suitable for a variety of applications. They are handy, lightweight and protect your valuables reliably. Whether blue, red, violet, green, orange or yellow, ...



Brass padlock
Who doesn't like the idea of holding a solid gold bar in his hands? Brass can get you close to this dream as it is said to be the gold for the common people. Brass is also the ...



Combination lock
These compact combination locks are suitable for a range of uses even with different users, thanks to their special locking system. Applications include securing items of luggage, tool ...



Diskus Lock
The disc lock is a special form of the padlock with some distinct advantages. The disc shape effectively combats the most common ways of forcing it open. The design means that there is only ...



ECOLUTION™ padlock
Innovative, corrosion-resistant coatings, high-quality materials for a long lifespan, lubricants suitable for use in the food industry, PVC-free vinyl coverings, packaging made from ...



Granit padlock
The ABUS Granit™ padlock range has been designed in accordance with Swedish insurance specifications, which are known for their high standards. The European CEN standards specify ...



The security rating of the hasp should always match the padlock. ABUS offers a wide range of safety hasps. You recognize it, for example, to concealed screws. Additionally toughened steel ...



No more hiding the key under the doormat or in the flower pot: With the KeyGarage™, ABUS offers an intelligent and secure solution for storing keys. Secured by means of a number code, the ...



Tumbler lock
The tried and tested ABUS tumbler locks that meet DIN 7465 are the universal classics. The galvanised tumbler lock is also suitable for outside use. ABUS tumbler locks are available with ...


Marine / Rustfree

Marine padlock - rustfree
ABUS Marine padlocks are specially designed for outdoor use. They are 100 percent rust-free – and guarantee even in harsh weather conditions high security. Suitable weather-resistant ...



ABUS original padlock
ABUS Original: tried and tested padlock for simple applications. These padlocks are manufactured without rivets and enable automatic locking without a key by pressing down on the shackle.



Steel padlock
The strong ABUS padlocks are made from toughened steel and come up to high security requirements.  They are ideal for the protection of higher values and come to use at gates, doors, tool ...



TITALIUM™ padlocks, from security specialist ABUS, represent a new dimension in security. Made from an innovative material, they represent high security at a significantly reduced ...


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