Reliable protection

Precision profile system Standard, X14 and K14

System with paracentric precision profile

• The multiple paracentric precision profile provides an effective resistance against picking


General system advantages

• complex locking systems due to 14 mm core diameter

• combinable with systems of higher security standards (X14 or K14)

• legal protection against copying (patent for K14)

• emergency function from length 26.5 / 26.5 mm on available

• fabrication according to DIN EN 1303, DIN 18252 and ISO 9001:2008

• 5 or 6 pin cylinders available


Combinable with system X14 (optional) Providing higher protection against forced entry

Ideal supplement for higher security demands

• System X14 = System Standard + passive lateral locking elements

• A second row of pins (X14) increases the authorization scan to an additional dimension, a manipulation is much more difficult (protection against manipulation)

• The upgrade to X14 can be used in your entire locking system or just in sub-areas with higher security level


The plus of security

• An additional row of pins makes intelligent manipulation attempts more difficult

• The dimples complicate unauthorized key duplication

• Up to 11 locking elements provide an optimal protection against unauthorized opening attempts


Investment security

• An additional row of pins enables more complex locking systems and extensions

• The option of a later extension offers extensive adjustment possibilities, such as changes in the authority structure

• A subsequent extension allows the long-term preservation of the locking system, e.g. in case of lost keys


Combinable with system K14 (optional) Providing highest security against forced entry


Complex locking systems for the highest security demands

• System K14 = System Standard + active lateral locking elements

• Maximum protection against forced entry needs no long explanation: Just choose this second active (suspended) locking row for the highest security standards.


The plus of security

• The second active locking row increases the difficulty for intelligent manipulation attempts

• The high-precision locking elements in connection with the elaborate precision contour provide an optimal protection against unauthorized key duplication

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The conventional system Standard represents reliable protection for average security demands with the benefit of a strong price/performance ratio. The possibility to combine the different levels of the Standard system allows a high degree of flexibility when it comes to the realisation of small, medium-sized and large locking systems. 

There is also always the possibility to combine the Standard system with electronic systems as well as allowing the later integration of electronic cylinders into an existing locking system.

At a glance

Profile Multiple paracentric keyway
System extent 3 security levels
5 or 6 pin system
Highlights Good picking protection
Standard drill protection
Application areas Keyed different or keyed alike single cylinders
Small to large locking systems
Certificates Optional with SKG** or SKG***
Combination with electronic Yes, with combined key
Manufacturing Made in Germany, DIN EN 1303,
certified ISO 9001:2008

Flyer system Standard
Flyer Combination of mechanic and electronic
Broschure Securing Your Property

Security level 1 - Standard

Key Standard - © ABUS

  • For simple and average security demands
  • 5 or 6 spring loaded locking elements in one row
  • Combination with systems X14 or K14

Security level 2 - X14

Key X14 - © ABUS

  • Extension for higher security demands
  • Up to 11 locking elements in two rows
  • Combination with system Standard (level 1)

Security level 3 - K14

Key K14 - © ABUS

  • Second spring loaded locking row
  • Extension for higher security demands
  • Up to 11 spring loaded locking rows
  • Combination with system Standard (level 1)

Combination with electronic

Combi Cap + Skuni Cap - © ABUS

With the decision for the Standard system you will always have the possibility to combine the suite with electronic systems. The keys can be directly shipped from the factory as mechanical-electronic combination keys. A later retrofitting of electronic components can be achieved through the use of the Combi Cap. 

Cylinders with Euro profile

Cylinders with Euro profile - © ABUS

 For the protection of life and property, ABUS provides high-quality cylinders for corresponding mortise locks according to DIN norms.

Circular cylinders

Circular cylinders - © ABUS

 The circular cylinders are applicable for indoor as well as outdoor use. The are suitable for relevant additional door locks, deposit boxes, mailboxes, sliding gates, switch devices and much more.


Padlocks - © ABUS

These padlocks are distinguished for the integration into ABUS locking systems. They are available in many variations and can even be used under difficult conditions. 

Special range

Special range - © ABUS

The special range includes many types of cylinders that are suitable for the special needs of different countries (such as Austria, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium and France). They are distinguished for the use within ABUS locking systems. 

Accessories for locking systems

Accessories for locking systems - © ABUS

The range of accessories includes many products for the optimal equipment of your locking systems, such as key caps with / without a transponder, rain protection rosettes, construction keys and key safes.