Extinguish fire right away

ABUS fire extinguishers – fast, simple and safe

With the ABUS extinguisher spray you can fight quickly and easily incipient fires. A forgotten candle, a cigarette or a pan of hot cooking oil can quickly start a fire that leads to significant damage or even a life-threatening situation. What begins as a small fire can become a serious danger within fractions of a second. If you waste time in this situation, you usually have no chance of fighting the fire safely.

Intuitive fire-fighting

With the ABUS fire extinguisher spray, even untrained individuals can fight so-called incipient fires quickly, effectively and, above all, safely. The highly effective foam extinguishing agent can be stored almost anywhere because of its compact size – which reduces the time it takes to make use of it. Operation is intuitive – almost anyone can use it to put out a fire.

In contrast to fire extinguishers is the extinguisher spray by ABUS manageable, easy to use and with incipient fires also effectively.

  • Easily accessible – light weight
  • Simply spray – up to 4 m spraying range
  • Safe extinguishing – approx 25 seconds of spraying time.