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Tailored hybrid alarm systems for commercial objects

The wired alarm systems and hybrid alarm systems of the Terxon series from ABUS are ideal for new buildings and in case of renovations. Allow yourself to be convinced by the excellent price/performance ratio, flexible extensibility, and proven technology. The Terxon SX and Terxon MX models are the ideal alarm panels for protecting homes of every size.

Terxon X – wired and hybrid alarm system for everyone

The Terxon X series from ABUS stands for custom security for every need – and with a discreet design. The Terxon X wired and hybrid alarm systems offer you the good feeling of security in your home. Terxon wired alarm panels are primarily installed in new buildings in which laying cables is no problem.

Comparison of wired/hybrid and wireless alarm

Functionally wired/hybrid and wireless alarm systems do not compete. Both offer the same alarm types and reactions, are similar or even identical in programming and signaling and standard detectors can be integrated in both. Only the installation is different: While existing buildings can be retrofitted with wireless alarm systems, wired/hybrid alarm systems are suitable for new buildings or renovation, where cable ducts in walls and flush can be planned in the construction phase. Thus you should take the edificial situation into account when deciding between wired/hybrid and wireless alarm systems.

Application areas for wired alarm systems:

  • Wired/hybrid alarm systems are suitable for medium to large-scale objects such as commercial buildings, factory floors and offices.
  • In the commercial sector, wired alarms are usually the system of choice, as an installation is generally easier and mostly longer distances have to be covered.
  • Wired/hybrid alarm systems make sense in the private sector when the building is under contruction or is being renovated.

Application areas for wireless alarm systems:

  • Wireless alarm systems are suitable for smaller and larger-scale houses or apartments, and for smaller or medium-scale commercial objects.
  • Wireless alarm systems are the system of choice for retrofitting and can be quickly and cleanly installed by a security expert.

Adaptable thanks to numerous extensions

You want an alarm system that can be flexibly adapted to your requirements? Then use the numerous possibilities offered by your Terxon MX to adapt your system to your home and living conditions. The numerous components of this ABUS wired and hybrid alarm system enable you to remain flexible regardless of the architectural constraints of your location: Depending on your requirements, you can expand the system by eight zones with a single extension module by wire and/or wireless (up to 24 wireless/wired zones with up to max. 3 extension modules).

Perfect protection against break-ins, fire and emergencies

Whether in apartments or houses – Terxon is the ideal custom security solution for every situation. The entire Terxon series comes in exactly the size that fits your home. What they all have in common is the comprehensive protection of your family, privacy and possessions. Terxon alarm systems don't just sound the alarm you in case of intrusion – they're also on the job in case of fire or water main break. Operating the alarm system is simple.

Operating the systems is easy and was designed to cater to the requirements of users.


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Terxon MX extensions

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Terxon SX wired alarm panel

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Information material for Terxon

For an overall overview regarding the Terxon alarm system, you can download information brochures here.

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