ABUS Secvest IP: the alarm system with video via IP

Video detection with PIR cameras per video and alarm technology

Video and alarm technology in one product: Motion detection using a PIR camera functions reliably, even in absolute darkness. The video sensors reliably prevent false alarms that are often triggered by natural heat movement, such as from heaters. White light LEDs allow important color details to be detected even at night.

PIR network camera – the alarm system's eyes

With the PIR network camera, the ABUS Secvest IP alarm panel unites alarm technology with video technology to create an IP-based system that sounds the alarm in case of intrusion, fire, water and other emergencies. The PIR network camera can be used as a stand-alone device or in an IP-based alarm system such as the Secvest IP system. The PIR network camera is ideal for securing apartments, offices, small businesses via a local network or the Internet.

The ABUS PIR network camera – how it works

If the PIR camera registers a movement, the network camera starts recording. The PIR network camera is a camera outfitted with a passive infrared motion detector and white light LEDs. When needed, they automatically activate to deliver useful video footage even in complete darkness. If anything happens, it can also send you images of the incident by e-mail.

PIR camera

Operation & functions – so you can stay informed while you're on the go

The ABUS IP Cam app lets you keep an eye on things even when you're on the go. When you call up the app, you can immediately access live images. The PIR network camera provides a micro SD card slot for recording purposes.

False alarm protection – avoid tiresome false alarms

Video sensors in combination with the motion detection technology prevent false alarms. Everyday sources of heat such as heaters are checked and identified as “false” motion.