Nothing escapes the Secvest IP detector

Detectors of the Secvest IP alarm system reliably detect danger

ABUS detectors offer all-round protection: whether in case of intrusion, robbery, fire, or a medical emergency. Professionally installed, our wireless detectors monitor the interior of your residence, as well as all windows and doors.

Your Secvest IP alarm system sounds the alarm in the blink of an eye

In addition to protection of the external shell, securing the interior is critical. ABUS provides a variety of detectors to protect you against intrusion, fire, flooding and other emergencies. These detectors can easily be integrated into the ABUS Secvest IP alarm system alongside the mechatronic products.
When something happens, every second counts. The Secvest IP danger alarm system guarantees fast help. The sensitive detectors react to every break-in attempt, smoke or leaking water and inform the alarm panel. In seconds, security services and neighbors are alerted to the event by telephone and the outdoor siren. In the house itself, the loud indoor siren sounds, alerting occupants to the intrusion and scaring off the intruder.

Detector for indoor security

Why you have no need to worry:

Always by your side – protect your family

Unexpected emergencies and break-ins are not only a threat to elderly or ill people, but also to children and families. The victims usually have no way of quickly and simply calling attention to themselves. The detectors of the Secvest IP wireless alarm system react fast and reliably in every situation.

You decide what happens – the alarm system is always on duty

The Secvest IP alarm system provides everything you need to summon help in any situation. Mobile in your personal safety zone, directly at the alarm panel or using the flexible alarm buttons; a single touch is all it takes to sound the alarm.

Secvest IP – more than just an alarm system

The Secvest IP water and smoke detectors round out the Secvest IP security concept and react before serious damage can occur to your home or those of your neighbors. The Secvest IP danger alarm system can also be set up as a home emergency alarm center. The Secvest IP alarm system and its detectors provide reliable comprehensive protection.

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