Simple to control – even via your smartphone

The Secvest IP alarm system enables easy operation

The Secvest IP can be armed and disarmed at the push of a button on the remote control, at the turn of key, or using the iPhone app. You receive a response from the system immediately in the form of an acoustic or optical signal. In this way you always know the status of the system and can avoid false alarms.

Exceptional functionality and operation

Operation of the Secvest IP wireless alarm system is as easy and convenient to operate as the system is flexible. Easy operation is the key to a trouble-free day at home. Arming and disarming the system is as simple as can be – for example using the remote control with status display. Many other operating elements likewise simplify interaction with the alarm panel.

Secvest simplicity – our control panels make your life easy

You control your wireless alarm system with the greatest of ease and confidence: It can be armed and disarmed by remote control, a turn of a key, or using through a web browser or iPhone app.

Wireless remote control
Control devices for the Secvest 2WAY

Always convenient – always in the know

The remote control immediately provides system responses in the form of optical and acoustic signals. The new Secvest IP iPhone app enables you to access the video data of the ABUS PIR network camera directly. You always stay informed about what's going on and reduce the risk of false alarms to an absolute minimum.

Security at your fingertips – it's that easy

Just close the Secvest 2WAY key or additional door lock – everything's secure just like that. And when you come home: Just unlock the door and the system disarms automatically. You receive immediate confirmation of the changed status. You can never forget to arm or disarm your alarm system, so you can forget about false alarms.