Notifications sent directly to your cellphone

Sounders inform about emergency situations and notify help

Scare away intruders with a conspicuous alarm using flashing light and direct security services to where they need to be. Also use the very effective acoustic sounders: sirens that drive away intruders with sound levels of up to 105 dB.

The Secvest IP alarm panel reacts reliably

If a detector is triggered, it reports the event wirelessly to the Secvest IP alarm panel. The panel, in turn, reliably triggers the defined alarm reaction. In mere seconds the siren connected to the Secvest IP alarm system goes into action. This acoustic alarm has a deterrent effect on intruders, and security services can be alerted directly via the alarm panel.

Acoustic and optical alarms – unmistakable attention-getters!

The sirens are the last, decisive component in the alarm chain. It is the element that alerts the surrounding environment to the danger. Sirens provide a loud acoustic alarm signal in various versions for indoor and outdoor areas. Sirens shock intruders and set them to flight. The visible alarm takes the form of a strobe light. The conspicuous flashing of the alarm not only serves as an alert; it also helps approaching security services to locate the alarm.

The wireless fire alarm button, the wireless emergency call transmitter and the wireless panic alarm button

Sound the alarm at the touch of a button – as simple as can be

With the wireless fire alarm button or the wireless panic alarm button, an alarm is triggered immediately with the greatest of ease. Inconspicuously installed in bedrooms or entryways, these buttons can easily be integrated into the Secvest IP danger alarm system. In addition, wireless transmitters enable flexible alarm triggering at the touch of a button.

Get help right away – no problem with the Secvest IP alarm panel

When emergency strikes, the Secvest IP system sounds the alarm fast and reliably. It sends predefined e-mails to the stored recipients.

No matter what:

The Secvest IP wireless alarm system immediately, automatically and discreetly alerts the appropriate security services or informs family members, friends and acquaintances.