Wireless alarm with video via IP for apartments

Secvest IP joins video technology & wireless alarms via network

The Secvest IP system combines reliable alarm technology with brilliant video technology and thus creates a network-based system that reliably warns you about intrusion, fire, and water. In an emergency, alarms can be verified via an integrated PIR network camera that provides you with a true picture of the situation.

What you should know about the Secvest IP wireless alarm panel

Secvest IP combines alarm technology with brilliant video technology and thus creates an innovative IP-based system that reliably warns you about intrusion, fire, and other hazards of everyday life. If anything happens, an integrated PIR (motion detector) network camera records the event and thus enables instant verification with sharp images. This danger alarm system is particularly suitable for small offices and private residences.

Secvest IP Basic kit

State-of-the-art IP-based alarm technology does the job while you're on the go

The system can be operated through your browser, iPhone or iPad app, so you don't have to access the Secvest IP wireless alarm system directly. 10 LEDs on the control panel keep you abreast of their statuses as well as the state of detectors and control devices. Alarm notifications are completely IP-based. In case of an alarm, you receive an e-mail – and if you have integrated the PIR network camera, you even get an image attachment. With separate indoor and/or outdoor sirens, you have the option of triggering a local alarm or automatically sending text or spoken messages to predefined telephone numbers via a GSM dialer. Of course, you will also be notified via push notification, e-mail or VoIP call if you desire.

Secvest IP Video kit

Secvest IP sets – the foundation for optimal surveillance

The Secvest IP wireless alarm panel is available in two different sets. Choose from the Secvest IP basic set with two detectors and remote control or the Secvest IP video set in combination with a PIR network camera. The sets are not only an affordable alternative to individual components but are also a quick and easy introduction to IP-based surveillance technology for apartments and smaller properties.

Easy extensibility – always the way you want it

If need be, you can always enhance the Secvest IP-based wireless alarm system quickly and easily. Add an alarm module and thus extend your system to include eight additional detectors to close security gaps or set up a complete danger detection system.