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Secvest IP combines video and alarm technology on a network

Alarm meets video via IP technology. With the innovative Secvest IP network-based wireless alarm panel, ABUS is setting the course toward networking, convenience, and intelligence in the world of alarms. Allow yourself to be convinced by the interesting options for control via iPhone app or for video verification.

Comprehensive protection

The Secvest IP alarm system offers many of the functions of the ABUS Secvest 2WAY system: Many wireless detectors from the Secvest 2WAY series can be trained into Secvest IP.

In combination with the mechatronic wireless components from ABUS, you enjoy comprehensive protection. With the three zones which can each be equipped with 3 or 4 detectors, the Secvest IP system provides ideal basic security for small properties.

An alarm that can do video and much more

State-of-the-art alarm technology combined with video via IP: The Secvest IP system combines reliable alarm technology with brilliant video technology and thus creates an IP-based system that reliably warns you about intrusion, fire, and water. It is particularly well-suited to smaller properties such as private residences or apartments.


Always up-to-speed – what makes the Secvest IP so extraordinary

With the new capabilities provided by the “video alarm camera,” you can utilize mobile video surveillance. If anything happens, an optional integrated PIR (motion detector) network camera records the event and thus enables instant verification with sharp images. Through a browser or iPhone app, you can gain instant access to live video from your apartment, office or store regardless of where you happen to be.

Operating convenience for the next generation.

Easy and anywhere – bywords that define the operability of the Secvest IP alarm system In a browser or iPhone app, you can make all settings, arm or disarm the system, output events from the event log and receive alarm notifications. The user interface is intuitive and easy to understand. Remote controls and Secvest keys can also be trained. This is security technology the fun way, and the Secvest IP system discreetly goes about its business in the background.

Secvest IP – an unbeatable alarm surveillance system

The unique combination of exterior and interior protection enables the ABUS Secvest IP alarm panel to provide optimal security for small private residences (houses and apartments). Thanks to its protection of the external shell, the alarm is sounded before the perpetrator even enters the property. The extraordinary mechatronics products with over a metric ton of pressure resistance confront the perpetrator with an enormous amount of resistance. Interior detectors make the Secvest IP a complete danger alarm system with additional protection in case of intrusion, fire, water leakage or other emergencies.

Alarm panels and kits

The Secvest IP system combines reliable alarm technology with brilliant video technology and thus creates a network-based system that reliably warns you about intrusion, fire, and water. In ...


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Control devices and extensions

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