Nothing escapes the Privest detector

Wireless detectors report intrusion to the Privest alarm system

For your domestic security, Privest offers a number of options: you can easily install opening and motion detectors, as well as water and smoke detectors. These wireless detectors enable reliable protection of your apartment or house.

24/7 security – Privest gets help!

Whether you have a burglary, fire, a hold-up or a medical emergency: When it comes to the crunch, your alarm system must be fast and reliable. The ABUS Privest danger alarm system's door contacts, motion sensors and smoke detectors are highly sensitive: They report every attempt to enter the property illegally, and detect any smoke or water that shouldn't be there. They send a corresponding signal wirelessly to the alarm panel. The ABUS Privest alarm system can then dial a previously programmed telephone number and report the event to the emergency center, the neighbors or your mobile phone.

The Privest detector

Secure contact between detectors and the alarm panel

The detectors and the alarm panel communicate with each other at regular intervals to ensure the system status and ensure that the system is functional. Radio contact is kept to an absolute minimum, thus causing only the slightest emission. High-quality lithium batteries ensure long-life power supply to the components. When battery power begins to dwindle, the components report this to the alarm panel well before the batteries need to be changed.