Control devices for simple operation

Easy wireless arming: operation of the ABUS Privest

The Privest wireless alarm system is not just easy to install, it is also easy to operate. A number of control devices are available for the Privest. They make it very easy to arm and disarm your alarm system.

Simple operation, easy and secure

The simplicity of operating an alarm system is the key to sure-handed day-to-day use. An alarm system should be simple and intuitive to use for all users. A number of control devices are available for the ABUS Privest wireless alarm panel. They make it very easy to arm and disarm your alarm system.

Voice-controlled user guidance

Are you tired of complicated displays? Enjoy the simplicity of the ABUS Privest voice-controlled user menu and select all functions of the alarm system easily and intuitively.

Safety at the touch of a button

With the handy Privest remote control, you can arm your alarm system or call for help at the touch of a button. It even works outside the house – doing yard work or in the driveway – within a security zone of up to 30 meters. In the event of a hold-up, you can secretly press a button on the control panel or remote control to raise a silent alarm without triggering the local alarm sounders.

Just turn the key – everything’s safe!

The alarm system is activated and deactivated easily at the turn of a key. An LED lights up briefly to show you the current status. The Privest responds immediately.

Remote control by telephone

Call your ABUS Privest wireless alarm panel and control the wireless alarm system by phone. You can arm and disarm the system, make settings and listen in to the monitored room from any remote location. You use commands comprised of specific key combinations on your telephone.

You can control the following features by remote access:

  • Arm/disarm the system or partitions: Did you forget to arm the system? No problem: you can arm it by phone from your office.
  • Reintegrate omitted zones: You can quickly raise the security level by arming additional detector groups.
  • Control switching outputs: Switch on the lighting or close the window blinds by phone.
  • Change phone numbers: Change the Follow Me numbers that are dialed in the event of an alarm.
  • Listen in: Listen in to what is happening in a monitored room. You get an acoustic impression of what’s going on.
  • Speak to your house: You can announce yourself. You can offer help in emergency or just send a friendly message.
  • Play and record messages: You can receive previously recorded text messages or
    leave a message.