Optical and acoustic alarms

Wireless sounders reliably cause intruders to flee

The alarms and notification of the Privest wireless alarm system are reliable and more conspicuous than intruders are comfortable with. Have our powerful sounders installed and depend on reliable alarms that quickly summon help.

Custom alarm responses – with the detectors of the ABUS Privest wireless alarm system

The sirens are the last, decisive component in a comprehensive alarm chain. The detectors and sirens are the components that alert the outside world to a particular event. If the alarm panel assesses an event as an alarm situation, there are a variety of different options for where and how the alarm can be triggered based on the programming.

Privest siren with optical and acoustic signals

The detectors in a Privest system send the alarm notification to the alarm panel, which informs the appropriate security services within seconds. At the same time, the alarm system triggers acoustic and optical alarm signals with sirens and flashing lights. This enables you to get yourself and your family to safety quickly. Most intruders are deterred by the sound of the sirens and flee. The exact configuration of the alarm can be programmed individually depending on the triggering event (fire, intrusion, etc.). The system then reacts according to that specific danger situation, local conditions and your personal preferences.

Privest siren