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The Privest wireless alarm system is ideal for do-it-yourselfers

With the Privest wireless alarm system from ABUS, you’re protecting yourself and your family against intrusion, robbery, fire, and water damage, as well as in cases of emergency. Install Privest yourself: installation is easy and is explained in the installation DVD step-by-step. Privest was rated “very good” in the 07/2011 issue of the German consumer product testing magazine Testmagazin.

The components of the Privest wireless alarm system

Perfect protection against all hazards

The Privest family

Whether in an apartment or your own house, the ABUS Privest wireless alarm system gives you the good feeling of security for your family and private life. As a classical danger alarm system, it provides perfect comprehensive protection against intrusion. fire, water damage and fast help in an emergency. The wireless technology allows you to dispense with tiresome cables and barred windows.

The Privest protects you against break-ins – intruders don't stand a chance!

In Germany, a burglary occurs every minute. Protect yourself and your property: One in three attempted burglaries fails due to effective security measures. About 80% of all intruders are opportunists who flee as soon as they are confronted with professional alarm security. That is exactly what the ABUS Privest offers with its detectors and two sirens.

The Privest protects you against fire – leave nothing to chance!

Every 2-3 minutes, a fire breaks out somewhere in Germany. With a combination of Privest wireless smoke detectors from ABUS and the Privest alarm system, you have a reliable system that informs you immediately of the fire hazard and relays the fire alarm to security services. This can save you, your family and your property.

The Privest protects you against water damage – Who alerts you when there's dripping?

Washing machines and dishwashers, faucets left running and leaky hoses can cause major damage. This results in expensive repairs to buildings and their contents. ABUS water detectors alert you even about small leaks through the alarm system so that you can react in good time.

The Privest rescues you in an emergency – the guarantee of fast help!

Using the panic function on the ABUS Privest, you can trigger an alarm at the touch of a button in a variety of emergency situations. In addition to domestic accidents, this function is also useful in case of medical emergencies or burglaries. Pressing the panic button in an emergency allows you to quickly call help in any situation.

The wireless alarm panel for DIY enthusiasts: Security to get excited about

The ABUS Privest wireless alarm system impresses as an exceptional value in the field of high-quality wireless alarm systems. The system offers private users professional protection from all types of danger such as burglary, fire and water damage. Due to its extremely simple installation, this system is also suitable for DIY installations.


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Alarm panels and kits

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Control devices

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Info material for the Privest

Gain a comprehensive overview over the advantages of the Privest wireless alarm system.


POS Flyer Privest

Our POS Flyer Privest provides all necessary information.

Installation in a flash – fast and safe installation of wireless alarm technology

Faster than you thought possible – save time and spare your nerves

With ABUS Privest wireless alarm system, long installation times and expensive fitting work are a thing of the past. With the help of the step-by-step live installation on the accompanying DVD, you can install the complete system expertly in the shortest time.

Can be installed in no time at all

Installation without a mess – the clean surveillance solution

When you install the Privest, you don’t have the dirt, the damaged walls and the ugly cable channels that you would normally have with a wired alarm system. The Privest system needs no more than 4 screws, a power socket and a telephone line. The control panels and sensors have their own power supply and are installed as fast as in the picture.

Programming with your PC – time-saving and simple

Program your Privest alarm system quite simply on your PC or laptop! With the USB program cable and the configuration software, you can set up the system quickly and easily on your computer. This saves you time and gives you an ideal overview of the system and all its components and settings.

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