Compact, light-weight and easy to transport

ABUS brake disc locks

Storage space is a rare commodity on a motorbike or scooter and yet it always needs securing against theft and unauthorised use. Which is the best sort of lock for a motorcyclist to carry for normal use? Brake disc locks are a practical solution for many motorbikes. They are very compact, light and thus easy to transport. If your vehicle is to be parked for a long time in a place where there is a high risk of theft, combining the lock with a chain is recommended to prevent the motorbike from being carried away.

More information about ABUS break disc locks

Video: Detecto 7000 RS1
This lock can be transported in locked condition without activated detection system thanks to a manuel activation button, integrated into the "Snap'n Go" mechanism.

Video: Granit Quick 37
The intelligent brake disc lock will remind you to unlock it before starting your motorbike.

Video: Granit Quick Maxi 37
Padlock with protected shackle in modern design, for protection against unauthorised use of your motorbike.

Video: Granit Sledg 77
This lightweight and compact brake disc lock is just hard to crack and let thieves despair. The ABUS X-Plus cylinder offers extreme protection against picking attacks. The locking bolt is made of special steel. 

Video: Provogue 305
Protection against theft at the highest level of design. Easy handling due to big closing button and automatic locking.

Video: Trigger 330
Blocks the brake disc to protect against unauthorised use of your motorbike.

Video: Trigger 330 - Scooter
Blocks the brake disc to protect against unauthorised use of your scooter.

Declarations of Conformity 8000 Granit Detecto X-Plus
Here you can find tips on the operating environment, as well as norms and guidelines