Also in tilt position

Whether closed or tilted – secure patio doors and windows against break-ins with a handle

Many windows and patio doors are left on the tilt: in a meeting, a quick appointment or during the lunch break. But unsecured tilted windows represent a high security risk, since they are like open windows to burglars. Fitting a special window lock will minimize this risk and increase window security significantly.

The four locking points of the window tilt lock provide all-round protection

Although up to four locking points ensure security with the ABUS FKS208, windows and patio doors can continue to be opened and closed using the handle as usual. This automatic "unavoidable" action means that the additional window lock does not have to be operated separately. This way the window lock is always closed and operational!

ABUS FKS208 is the first and so far the only add-on product to receive the seal for the highest resistance to break-ins from the testing institute of the German insurance industry (VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH), irrespective of whether the element is in the tilted or closed position.

More information about ABUS window tilting lock

The all-inclusive product
You can find further information about the FKS208 here.