Economical video surveillance

Analog technology: solid security – easy and affordable

Analog video surveillance systems are very easy to install and operate, as the cameras are simply connected to a recorder using coaxial cables – a so-called point-to-point connection. Signal failure is virtually impossible with these stable analog systems which ensure a secure, no compromise, 24-hour surveillance. Analog cameras provide reliable video image data quality and are very reasonable to buy, now available with even more detailed resolution. With a resolution of up to 700 TV lines, the modern ABUS analog systems now transmit image data far sharper than was possible at the beginning of this technology.


You can find the right camera for any application area here – whether it's an indoor dome, outdoor dome, tube, box, autofocus, PTZ or special camera.


Recording systems

With ABUS analog recording systems, you have the choice between closed solutions in which the video image data is recorded directly on a recorder (embedded systems) or PC-based solutions ...