Signal transmission for ABUS video surveillance

Components for signal transmission for ABUS video surveillance

Whether a wireless video system, signal amplifier, filter, or converter – with these components, your dealer can offer you the right solutions for your property. In this way a sophisticated video surveillance solution can be seamlessly implemented with ABUS products.

Network accessories

With the extensive range of accessories, you can perfectly equip your ABUS network cameras for the specific application: weatherproof housings for outdoor use of IP cameras, video servers ...


Wireless video systems

Video signals are wirelessly transmitted wherever it would be undesirable or impossible to lay cables. This is very often the case particularly when securing large building complexes. The ...


Video cables and plugs

Always the right cables: whether twisted pair dual-wire cable, BNC, CAT, or RG59 cable, RJ45 plugs, or shielded twisted pair cables with up to 100 MHz transmission – ABUS offers you ...



ABUS converters enable tailored video surveillance solutions. ABUS offers a large number of signal converters for a wide variety of requirements.



Professionals rely on good accessories. Because this is the case, ABUS offers an excellent selection of products that help with professional installation and mounting of a video ...