The first “green” locks

ABUS ECOLUTION™ – the first "green" padlocks.

Innovative, corrosion-resistant coatings, high-quality materials for a long lifespan, lubricants suitable for use in the food industry, PVC-free vinyl coverings, packaging made from recycled and recyclable material – these "ingredients" form the basis for the new ABUS ECOLUTION™" product range. With an approach that is consistently committed to ecological protection, we are making a clear statement in support of the environment, while catering for the growing demand for sustainable and ecologically effective products.

Waste-free production as part of the sustainable concept

It is not only the padlocks themselves that are distinguished by their environmental friendliness. Waste-free production of the locks is also part of the comprehensive ABUS ECOLUTION™ concept – the so-called "zero waste policy", in which the materials are collected, recycled or re-used.

Active environmental protection through cooperation with nature conservation organisations

As a further environmental benefit, ABUS donates 0.50 Euros for each padlock sold, to nature conservation organisations and associated projects. In Germany, for example, it is supporting a NABU (The Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union) project for rainforest conservation in Ethiopia. Now covering a total area of less than 2.000 square kilometres, these forests serve as life-giving water reservoirs for the entire region.

More information about ABUS ECOLUTION™

ECOLUTION™ brochure
The first “green” padlock – a clear statement in favor of environmental protection. Download now!