Protection for automatic sliding doors

Are your automatic doors secure? Upgrade your door with the ABUS Sliding door lock!

Automatic doors are an aesthetically pleasing and widespread form of access to shops, pharmacies and supermarkets. All too often, the issue of protecting them against break-ins and vandalism is neglected when buying a system, on the grounds of cost. The result is that many automatic doors do not meet even the most basic requirements as far as effective protection against break-ins is concerned.

VdS-certified Sliding door lock from ABUS provides effective protection at a reasonable price!

With the Sliding door lock STS600, the security experts at ABUS provide an innovative security solution for all the familiar weak points in automatic doors. Under normal conditions, the Sliding door lock can be fitted to almost any double automatic door in premises with a side entrance in about 90 minutes, even when the shop is open and without interfering with the door system itself.