The easy-to-expand wireless alarm systemProtects small and medium-sized premisesFull protection for commercial premises with Secvest 2WAY

Wireless alarm system Secvest 2WAY protects offices & businesses

The VdS Home-certified Secvest 2WAY wireless alarm system sets standards in burglar alarm systems. It is ideal for retrofitting offices or doctor’s offices, can be intuitively operated, and is easy to remove. Optional: mechanical components that counter intruders with strong mechanical resistance and simultaneously trigger an alarm.

The wireless alarm system: for offices and stores

Whether important contracts, confidential company data or cash: every business has its sensitive areas. The Secvest 2WAY alarm control panel protects your company assets from intruders, fires or vandalism, reliably protecting everywhere there is a risk.

As much security as your business needs

The Secvest 2WAY wireless alarm system is the ideal security manager for up to 50 users. With 48 wireless and two wired alarm zones, this system is the benchmark in wireless alarm technology. It ensures consistent all-round protection for businesses, office complexes or even small rooms.
The Secvest 2WAY also provides security in matters of investment and profitability.
Regardless of whether you are moving or changing your business: Secvest 2WAY alarm systems will come with you and grow to meet your requirements. Thanks to the latest in wireless alarm technology, you can subsequently enhance your wireless alarm system with additional wireless components. This ensures your system remains sustainable and can continue to provide permanent protection for your business.

Secvest 2WAY

The intelligent system: Dual-antenna technology & 2WAY provide an overview

Put simply, 2WAY means that your system communicates with you and reveals the current status, for example, to you. This is what the 2WAY logo stands for. It identifies wireless alarm panels and components equipped with dual antenna technology. The dual antenna technology prevents dead spots (areas with no wireless reception) and ensures secure communication in combination with active feedback (2WAY). The means the current status of the alarm control panel (armed/disarmed) can be displayed any time at the touch of a button. This keeps you informed about everything while you keep an overview.


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