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Alarm systems protect commercial properties from break-in & fire

Thanks to intelligent software and hardware, alarm systems from ABUS are the ideal security manager for commercial and private use – for intrusion, fire, or other hazards. ABUS offers wireless alarm systems as well as hybrid and wired alarm systems. Protect your valuables and invest in easily upgradable solutions.

Alarm systems from ABUS: The security manager your company needs

Burglary, fires and technical faults cost the companies affected millions in damages every year. This is why you should secure your company premises or your office with ABUS alarm systems to protect yourself from following risks:

  • Theft of merchandise from showrooms and storerooms
  • Theft of computers or data storage devices and the loss of sensitive company and customer data
  • Property damage and vandalism
  • Fire, smoke gases and water damage 
  • Robberies and medical emergencies

ABUS provides two systems to protect commercial premises: the Secvest 2WAY wireless alarm system to protect smaller and medium-sized buildings, and the Terxon hybrid alarm system (type MX and LX) which allows you to protect premises of any size.

Each of these systems can be used both as a burglar alarm system or fire alarm system, and as a full-fledged danger alarm system, and can be individually configured – to protect your company and your personnel. The ABUS alarm systems protect people and property, ensure that dangers are detected and reported quickly and when an incident occurs, allow an intervention to be made in time.

Direct comparison: Alarm systems from ABUS for the right protection of your premises

ABUS provides three systems for protecting premises of every size: The ABUS Secvest 2WAY wireless alarm system and the wired/hybrid alarm systems Terxon MX and LX.  
More about wired and wireless alarms

Secvest 2WAY wireless alarm system

The Secvest wireless alarm system made by ABUS shows you how functionality and design can complement each other perfectly. This system only requires a small mounting surface and provides uninterrupted all-round protection in offices, medical clinics, stores and other smaller commercial buildings. The Secvest2WAY alerts you to intrusions, theft and hold-ups, as well as to fire and technical malfunctions. In the event of a medical emergency, an alarm can be triggered using the emergency transmitter, so that the system reacts immediately and summons first aid by telephone.

The Secvest 2WAY danger alarm system can be enhanced easily and quickly, allowing it to be adapted to your needs optimally. The latest wireless technology replaces cabling in the Secvest 2WAY alarm system. The frequency of 868.6625, which is reserved for security applications, provides reliable protection from manipulation. The certifications in accordance with EN 50131, Incert, VSÖ and VdS Home confirm the high quality of the Secvest.

The special advantage: The ABUS Secvest 2WAY alarm system's wireless technology makes it effortless to install, or de-install in rented premises and it is therefore perfectly suited for subsequent installation and for retrofitting.

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Terxon hybrid alarm systems MX and LX

Compatible and flexible: These are just two of the outstanding characteristics which apply to the wired alarm systems and hybrid alarm systems in the Terxon series. For office buildings or larger properties: The Terxon is the security solution for each and every commercial requirement and for all types of premises. This is why ABUS provides the Terxon danger alarm systems in two sizes, MX and LX.

Innumerable detectors and versatile add-on modules turn the Terxon alarm system into a comprehensive security system. All systems feature an alarm panel, a control panel with an LCD clear text display, an analog dialer, an integrated event log, relay outputs and transistor outputs, along with much more.

The hybrid alarm systems Terxon MX and LX unite the worlds of wired and wireless alarm technology. With the help of a wireless extension module wireless detectors of the Secvest 2WAY wireless alarm system can be integrated into the Terxon alarm system. This allows you to extend the Terxon wired alarm system any time without having to disassemble it or lay cables.

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